Wesley Matthews did a guest analyst spot on the NBA-TV during the weekend, and he started by revealing some news.

Matthews, who had season-ending surgery on March 11 to repair a ruptured Achilles' tendon, said he will discard the walking boot he has been in on Tuesday.

"Coming off on Tuesday, that's the plan," he said. "It's ahead of schedule, and I'm excited for that, definitely."

Matthews transitioned from a post-surgery cast to the walking boot on April 16, also ahead of schedule by five days.

He told the NBA-TV "Gametime" panel – which included host Matt Winer and analysts Rick Fox and Stu Jackson – that he is doing well in his rehab.

"My main focus is getting healthy and coming back better than ever," he said.

In his analysis of the current playoff matchups, Matthews brought significant value to the broadcast, especially as the lone panelist who played against the current teams. He was especially good talking about the Golden State-Memphis series.

At one point, Winer asked: "How little fun are the Memphis Grizzlies to play against?"

Said Matthews: "Me, I'm that kind of player, so it's fun. But they change your game up. Like Rick says, it's going to be a battle of pace. They're two contradicting paces.

"Memphis, they're going to be slow, they're going to be methodical. But what they do that people don't really understand is, they'll push when they get the opportunity.