Veteran NHL broadcaster Mike "Doc" Emrick does not think the Blue Jackets will go the way of the Atlanta Thrashers and relocate, or have to be resuscitated by the league like the Phoenix Coyotes to stay in the city.

For the 10th time in their 11 seasons, the Blue Jackets will not be in the Stanley Cup playoffs. But Emrick he said that getting trade value for Rick Nash and drafting smartly will help the franchise finally stand upright.

"This is not a franchise that is in danger financially," said Emrick, who broadcast last night's game nationally on the NBC Sports Network. "The league had to step in twice with Pittsburgh and twice with Buffalo, and is doing it in Phoenix, but I don't think (commissioner) Gary Bettman has to do that here. Bettman worked hard and frantically to make it work in those cities."