At first glance, it looks like the path to the big leagues for center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. is blocked by Jacoby Ellsbury.
It’s time to take another look.
In the coming days, once Shane Victorino leaves camp tomorrow to join Team USA in Arizona, Bradley “will get some reps’’ and see game action in right field, manager John Farrell said yesterday.

It may sound like a convenient, any-warm-body-will-do move, but there is nothing casual about it.
Right field at Fenway Park requires an above-average defensive outfielder, and Bradley is well above the norm in that department. The transition should be as smooth as it is temporary. It also means the Red Sox get a perfect chance to evaluate Bradley’s worthiness to play a corner outfield position during the season should an injury befall Victorino, or Jonny Gomes and Daniel Nava, each of whom is slated for left field.
Bradley is easily the story of this camp. He reached base in 10 of his 16 plate appearances, he is 8-for-14 (.576), he is a smart, fast baserunner, and he is in complete control manning his swath of outfield.
He will not, however, play on the big league team unless there is an everyday position available, said a club source. That said, the Sox have no problem with Bradley not only pushing the big leaguers who are here for at least one more year — that is, Ellsbury, Victorino and Gomes — but also reminding everyone that they have not just a viable, but a desirable, option to turn to.
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