The biggest question surrounding the Pacers isn’t whether Paul George is going to get a new contract — it’s just a matter of time — but rather how forward Danny Granger is looking. Last year Granger missed all but five games due to a left knee injury. He was shut down during the first week in March and opted for surgery on April 4.

In regards to his health “I’m good” he provided last week. “I’m doing good. I’m doing great.”

Others in the organization however aren’t so mum on the subject.

“I expect a lot from Danny” Pacers president Larry Bird said on Monday. “Danny looks pretty good to me.”

Added head coach Frank Vogel: “He’s having a great September and a great offseason looking very healthy and we’re all excited about adding him to the team.”

One player who is particularly thrilled to see him back on the floor is Paul George. The two share the same agent Aaron Mintz and it was Granger that encouraged Bird to draft George who he was working out with in California that summer with the No. 10 pick in the 2010 draft. Moreover even though Granger was sidelined most of last season he stayed in George’s ear — helping him grow as a player and as the face of the team.