On a night overflowing with possible distractions, the Indiana Pacers made it out of Bankers Life Fieldhouse with sanity and self-respect in tact.

Maybe it was the post-turkey hangover but on Friday night, there were plenty of screwball moments.

Floyd Mayweather talked nonstop on his cell phone from his courtside seat. The sold-out crowd momentarily revolted against head coach Frank Vogel after he pulled Lance Stephenson who was in hot pursuit of his third career triple-double. And the fast-pace Washington Wizards – oh yeah, the Pacers actually had an opponent to defeat – scored as many transition points as The Money Team entourage. And that would be absolutely nothing.

The Pacers concluded with the 93-73 victory, not only improving to 15-1 on the season but also surviving a night filled with needless sidetracks.

Indiana will now move on to the greatest challenge of the season – a five-game road trip that includes the top four Western Conference teams.

“We understand it’s going to be a challenge,” power forward David West said. “It will make or break us. It will really let us see where we are in terms of the whole picture.”

Pacers coach Frank Vogel banned all talk about the road trip before the game. He wouldn’t address simple inquiries about the challenge to the media and he definitely shut down the conversation in the Pacers’ locker room.

“Whoever’s thinking about the road trip, stop thinking about the road trip. This team can beat us,” was the message Vogel expressed to players. “They beat us by 19 the last time we played them. So whoever’s thinking about it, stop thinking about it. We’ve got a game to win tonight.”

Though the struggling Wizards (7-9) could have surprised the Indiana as they did last season with a blowout win, the Pacers did not look too far ahead to the coast.

The Pacers still played their gag-and-bind style of defense that slowed the second-best transition team in the league to a crawl.

“Our guys really stepped up,” Vogel said. “Zero fast break points against that team is remarkable.”

Paul George, the reason why Mayweather flew his private jet to Indianapolis, still performed as an All-Star with 23 points, four rebounds, four steals, four assists and no turnovers.

And Stephenson still broke out the playground moves – for one of his 10 assists, Stephenson flipped a behind-the-back jump pass to an open C.J. Watson for the corner three.