JaVale McGee is arguably the most fascinating project in the NBA today. A wildly talented and gifted player, prone to fits of insane (and hilarious) actions on the court. Denver Nuggets coach George Karl would like to maximize McGee's potential, while keeping him somewhat grounded. In other words, less bad JaVale moments, more Tim Duncan-esque consistency. Per the Denver Post: "He played about 20 minutes per game last year,' George Karl said. 'I think right now we'd like to get him to be a 25-minute per game player. And I think that's feasible.' Denver acquired McGee in a trade last March with the Wizards. After two months of tantalizing play, he was awarded a four-year, $44 million contract last summer that was based largely on potential, which he demonstrated against the Lakers, and the notion that size, shot-blocking ability and athleticism can't be taught. McGee and the Nuggets would have to work to fill in the other blanks in his game. Halfway through his first full season in Denver, McGee is still filling in those blanks.