The Jets added something to rookie quarterback Geno Smith’s practice regimen four weeks ago after he fumbled twice against the Titans — ball security drills designed for running backs.

“It’s kind of dreadful,” Smith said this week, “but I know it makes us better and it makes me better as a player. It’s important to secure that ball. That’s first things first, above all else. It’s something we must do in practice and we’ve been getting better with it.”

What makes it dreadful?

“It’s tiring,” Smith said.

Running backs coach Anthony Lynn chuckled when told of Smith’s “dreadful” description. After the Titans game, Lynn taught quarterbacks coach David Lee three or four ball security drills he uses with his running backs.

Lynn typically does one a day with his backs. Lee has the quarterbacks doing all of them in one practice.
“I think that’s the dreadful part,” Lynn said. “They go through the whole gamut.”
The drills seem to be working. Smith has not lost a fumble since the Titans game and he has been effective running the ball. Lynn said Smith has taken to the teaching points.