Someone suggested to Geno Smith that, if he encounters a situation with the media in which he's not sure what to say, just reply, "No comment." The logic being, if he doesn't say anything, he won't say anything wrong.

That theory proved to be incorrect this week when the New York Jets' rookie quarterback no-commented his way through a couple of questions about whether he would attend Mark Sanchez's annual "Jets West" camp in California next month.

Smith clarified on Thursday he had nothing to say on the matter because he didn't know what to say, or even what he was being asked.

"Myself and Mark, we never discussed that, so it kind of caught me off-guard, because it's not on my schedule or anything. I was like, 'What is Jets West?'" Smith said, adding: "From my understanding, it's something that's done annually, all the guys go out there and it's been a great event.

"Mark hasn't officially extended the hand to me, but I'm pretty sure there's no problem there. I'm more than willing to go there, get some work, work with the guys and do all that stuff. It helps team bonding and I fully support that."

Smith and Sanchez are competing for the starting job. Sanchez and Tim Tebow didn't have the most comfortable of relationships last year, as even Sanchez has admitted, so Smith's "no comment" on Wednesday seemed to be the first sign of a rift between the two.

Not so, says Smith.