Geno Smith has echoed Mark Sanchez, saying there are no problems between the two quarterbacks after the rookie decided not to attend the incumbent’s Jets West event last week.

“Me and Mark are cool. No hard feelings or anything,” Smith said in an interview with OCNN. “He’s up there getting work with the guys, I’m down here getting work.”

Sanchez had some very similar words last week when he was asked about Smith’s conspicuous absence at the southern California workouts, saying, “I don’t hold it against any of the guys that can’t make it. There are no hard feelings about anything like that. Greg’s (McElroy) not here. (Matt) Simms isn’t here.”

Smith said he thought the story received extra attention because of the lull in news prior to training camp.

“I think it’s just something to talk about. Right now it’s a dead period, so any type of hype, anything that they can get their hands on, some type of controversy,” said Smith. “The media, they’re just doing their job. They got to create a hot story, they gotta keep the fans interested.”

The rookie quarterback said during the interview that he does four active sessions a day: a core workout in the morning, a run, field work, and then the weight room.