You'll have to excuse Geno Smith for being a little fired up Friday night. After all, the West Virginia quarterback spent most of Thursday and Friday being heavily overscrutinized, facepalming on national television and becoming generally flustered because he fell to the second round of the draft.

Still, I'm not so sure a playoff guarantee was the way to go. But Smith did that anyway on Friday night, immediately after being selected by the Jets.

“We're going to the playoffs next year," Smith said on NFL Network after his selection.

Gee, that sounds ... familiar doesn't it? Jets coach Rex Ryan is notorious for his guarantees, and he just picked up a quarterback who made an incredibly brash statement about the Jets' immediate future. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who actually agrees with the statement, of course.

But Rex is certainly fine if Geno's correct in his estimation.

"I hope he's right. You know what, I think that that speaks about the kind of competitor he is and the kind of teammate he is," Rex said in his post-draft press conference. "So I think that he believes in himself, he believes as we all will and do in this football team. And so I appreciate that, that as a guy he believes, he's coming in, as a rookie he believes this team is good enough to go to the playoffs and certainly those are the expectations that we set for ourselves always. That's what you strive for.

"I don't know, we'll see if that pans out. But, certainly, I think that's the right mentality to have."