One of the most common lessons a parent teaches a child is to not discuss politics with friends you want to keep. The same can apparently be said of NFL players and their teammates.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report has spoken with more than two dozen current NFL players since Donald Trump won the presidential election, and he says there is “sharp contrast” in the opinions of white and black players. According to Freeman, the six white players he spoke with generally feel that Trump was elected because Americans want change and to fix economical issues. The eight black players Freeman spoke with, on the other hand, believe Trump’s victory was racially motivated to keep African-Americans and minorities “in our place.”

A difference of opinions is one thing, but many of the players sound as if they are in no mood to agree to disagree. Several black players told Freeman they feel fans root for them on Sundays but wouldn’t “give them a bucket to piss in” once football games end. Both white and black players claim locker rooms are very divided over Trump. Here are some of the comments:

“If you voted for Trump,” said one AFC offensive starter, “I don’t trust you.”

“Black players are constantly playing the race card [when it comes to Trump],” a white NFC player said. “This election had nothing to do with race.”

“Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate,” another white player said. “That’s why she lost, not because of race.” …

… All of the white players, in fact, said Trump’s election had nothing to do with race. White players who voted for Trump, or knew people who did, in fact, were furious with the notion they or Trump supporters were racist.