Every fifth day, Mike Morin will stand behind Garrett Richards in the Angels bullpen to watch the right-hander warm up before his start.

Usually, Morin and the team’s other relief pitchers arrive in time to see Richards’ final 10 throws. There is no batter and no radar gun, just the pitcher and the catcher and the sound of baseball meeting mitt 10 times.

“It’s impressive,” Morin said. “That’s all there is to it. You watch that guy and think, ‘well, that’s probably why he’s in the big leagues.’ He’s got that kind of stuff.”

Richards needed more than just a fastball in the upper-90 mph range, a slider in the upper 80s, and a curve in the upper 70s to become the Angels’ most consistent starter. He’s thrown fewer than five innings only once in 16 starts. Wednesday night, in a 6-2 victory over the Minnesota Twins, Richards allowed exactly four hits for the fifth straight time.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia was particularly pleased with Richards’ focus Wednesday. The stamina is coming around, too. Richards threw 113 pitches against the Twins, his second-highest total of the season. The highest was the 119 pitches he threw in his previous outing.

Of course, having “that kind of stuff” is integral.

“If I had that stuff, I think I’d be pretty confident going out there challenging hitters,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. “He’s getting there.”

A steady mix of three fast pitches isn’t easy to catch up to, especially when Richards hits his spots without fail. Wednesday wasn’t one of those games.

Richards walked five and struck out another five in 7 1/3 innings. Minnesota hit the ball far at times. Six of its outs came on fairly deep fly balls, and Oswaldo Arcia snapped an 0-for-31 streak with his home run in the second inning.

But that was the only time the Angels (43-33) trailed in winning their fifth straight game. The Oakland A’s victory earlier in the day maintained the four-game gap between first and second place in the American League West.

An Angels win today behind Jered Weaver would give them a clean sweep in their six-game homestand against the Texas Rangers and Minnesota.