Brian Waters played in only seven games for the Cowboys this season before he was placed on injured reserve last weekend after suffering a torn triceps. But during the short period when he was on the active roster, he made an impact that extended beyond the field and into the locker room. For that reason the Cowboys not only want the 36-year-old right guard to remain involved with the club but they also are interested in bringing him back in 2014.

“He is a heck of a guy to have on your football team,” head coach Jason Garrett said. “He’s a warrior. He demonstrated that throughout his career in the short period of time he was with us. He had a real positive impact and his demeanor and his temperament was contagious particularly for that offensive line group.”

Waters, who signed a one-year, $1.5 million contract with Dallas on Sept. 4, commanded respect the moment he arrived. A six-time Pro Bowler, he was the oldest and most-accomplished player on the offensive line.

“We have so many young guys,” Garrett said. “Tyron Smith is young. Ron Leary is young. Travis Frederick is young. All these guys are young football players and to have a veteran guy like that to kind of show them how to do it, it was really good.

“It was good for our team and hopefully that contagious nature continues in his absence. We certainly want him to be around as he’s on IR to continue to have that impact and we’ll see how everything comes out with the surgery, but we’re certainly very open to having him back.”

This season, he played 336 snaps and allowed two sacks, according to STATS LLC. Waters wanted to try to come back and play again this season. But after considering all possible options, the Cowboys made a decision based on Waters’ medical outlook.