Logic suggested the Washington Redskins would find a way to move the ball through the air on Sunday against the beleaguered pass defense of the Denver Broncos -- but that didn't happen.

Robert Griffin III produced a season-low 45.4 passer rating and didn't look right throwing the ball in a 45-21 loss. Denver held the Redskins quarterback to 132 yards and intercepted him twice in the rout.

Asked about Washington's problems through the air, wide receiver Pierre Garcon turned the question around.

"We've had trouble passing all year to tell you the truth. What do you think?" he asked reporters after the game, per WJFK-FM's Grant Paulsen. ".... I can only run the routes, try to make separation. That's the only thing I really can do."

Teams have passed for 380.6 yards per game against Denver, but Washington didn't take advantage of that.

"Doesn't matter (who you're playing)," Garcon said. "If you suck at passing, you suck at passing ... We've just got to figure it out."

Garcon made it clear his rant was about the system, not his quarterback, but let's be honest: RGIII's sophomore outing has been a bumpy ride.

His completion percentage, passer rating and rushing yards per game all have regressed from what he accomplished during his explosive rookie campaign. A year ago, RGIII tossed 20 touchdowns to just five picks. His current 9-to-8 ratio tells the tale of an average quarterback.