Tonight, the Grizzlies visit the Denver Nuggets in the fourth and final meeting of the season between the two teams. If the Grizzlies emerge with a win in this one, they will be guaranteed to return home with a winning record on the west coast road trip. The Nuggets are virtually unbeatable at home this season, touting an impressive home record of 29-3 including winning their last 15 games in the Pepsi Center.

The Nuggets have been a tough matchup this year for the Grizzlies, having won two of the three games the teams have played this season. However, the Nuggets have yet to face the Grizzlies in the post Rudy Gay era.

A proprietor over at Denver Stiffs, Nate Timmons, recently wrote a piece about why the Nuggets should angle to play the Grizzlies in the postseason. While the piece had a lot of merit to it when Gay was still part of the Grizzlies, the timing of the piece was off. The piece was written after the trade, and the Grizzlies are a completely different team than they were before the trade. Two players featured in the article are Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Gasol was averaging 13.7 points per game before the trade and has averaged 15.8 points per game since the trade. Zach Randolph's points per game have not changed much since the trade, but he has been banged up and this could be limiting his production.