Cardinals shortstop Rafael Furcal felt enough of the tension ease in his lower back to take part in the team's pregame work Tuesday, but he said he'd rather miss a few more games now than push himself into an extended absence as he did once before.

"That happened when I was in LA (with the Dodgers)," Furcal said. "I played with it. I didn't say anything, and then I went back to the (disabled list) for a month. I don't want to do that. I want to take three or four days off, get everything done, and then when I come back feel much better."

Furcal did not start for the third consecutive game, and the Cardinals are only hopeful that he'll arrive at the ballpark today ready to start. The switch-hitting leadoff batter described Monday how he woke up Friday with soreness in his back and tingling down his right leg. Furcal said he can still feel the sensation when he presses on an area near his hip. He received extensive treatment Monday at the ballpark, and the team was encouraged by his progress.