Byron Scott finally ran out of patience with his team’s defensive efforts. The Cavaliers have ranked near the bottom in defensive field-goal percentage most of the season, so Scott will use a zone defense through the season’s final two weeks.

“We’re not getting it,” Scott said. “I know they can do it because I’ve seen it. But to do it on a consistent basis has been the biggest problem.”

Most NBA teams shy away from the zone, but Scott pointed out the Dallas Mavericks won a championship while playing some zone. The Cavs will continue to switch between the two, but Scott doesn’t exactly sound like a huge proponent of the zone. He’s just more or less out of ideas.

“Playing zone you’re playing an area. That’s why it took me so long to go to it. I do look at zone as kind of a lazy defense,” Scott said. “But you still have to play zone with man principles. You’re playing that area, but you’re playing whoever is in that area at that time. He can move out and somebody else can move in, but he’s your guy at that time.”

The Cavs worked on the zone during Wednesday’s morning shootaround and will presumably work on it again during today’s practice.

The zone defense was illegal in the NBA for a number of years. Scott was coaching in New Jersey when the league brought it back. He was so unfamiliar with it, he brought in legendary college coach Roy Williams to help with the zone on both ends.

Of all the current Cavs players, Dion Waiters has the most experience with the zone because Syracuse’s 2-3 zone is all coach Jim Boeheim uses.

“This would be perfect for Dion right now,” Scott said. “He would be great. He could probably be teaching our guys a thing or two about Syracuse’s zone. We might have put that in if he was playing, since they do it so well.”

There is no update on Waiters, incidentally. He continues to receive treatment on his knee, but there is no timeline for when (or more accurately if) he can return this season. There are only eight games left.