To call it Justin Verlander’s second-worst season doesn’t condemn it to remaining so.

Everything’s relative of course. He still has time to turn a 12-9 record into 17-10. He also has the talent to do so.

But on a day Verlander didn’t lose as a pitcher when the Tigers did as a team 7-6 to the Twins — on a day that also might scared Tigers’ fans because of the blood on Miguel Cabrera’s uniform — the challenges the two Tigers stars are battling through came into play.

For Cabrera it’s one bump or bruise after another. This time there was a big red bloody spot on his right leg that looked worse than it really was.

In other words there was no need to say “now what?” because it was the equivalent of a skinned knee caused by the scraping it took when Cabrera dove for a ball to his left.

Considering what Cabrera has gone through lately though it was understandable if nails were bitten and fingers crossed until it was learned that once again he had sustained something he’d be able to play through.

Blood on Cabrera’s uniform? Settle down he’s fine.

But is Verlander fine? Giving up six runs on 10 hits in seven innings was not a good day for him. Likewise having the record he has after 27 starts not to mention a 3.68 ERA is not a good season for him.

With emphasis on “for him.”

For others there would be nothing wrong with it. From Verlander though more is expected because so much more in the past has been received.

Verlander left the game with the score tied at 6 but only after the Tigers scored four runs in the bottom of the sixth — three of them on Austin Jackson’s home run.

Jackson’s 10th merely countered Ryan Doumit’s 11th which the Twins right-fielder hit off Verlander in the fifth.

Earlier Tigers catcher Bryan Holaday hit his first major league home run a solo shot in the third.

The Twins pushed across the winning run in the eighth on a two-out double by Chris Herrmann off Drew Smyly after a one-out walk off losing pitcher Bruce Rondon (1-2).