David Ortiz looked and sounded down yesterday about lingering soreness and discomfort that has now spread to both lower legs. After taking batting practice at JetBlue Park, Ortiz spoke about his condition, conceding there was no way he could play a game now.

“This (expletive) has been driving me crazy,” said Ortiz. “I’ve got no choice, but to wait. I hope it goes away soon so I can get back into action.”

Manager John Farrell said Ortiz reported to camp yesterday morning feeling soreness in both lower legs. Farrell said the soreness was “generalized,” and was not related to the torn Achilles’ heel that Ortiz has been recovering from since last July.

Farrell described the area of concern as “the tendons in the back of the ankles and that area.” The club believes that the soreness stems from Ortiz’ “more aggressive running” regimen earlier this week. Ortiz ran the bases hard on Monday and then in a less aggressive mode on Tuesday. He had a day off on Wednesday.

Ortiz said he ran the bases yesterday like he did on Tuesday — “nothing crazy,” he said — and felt sore, both before and after.

“Feeling soreness, especially after I had a good day — they say it’s part of the process — just waiting,” he said.