Chris Coghlan went to the Dominican last offseason to play second base. His 39 games there mostly were about reacquainting himself with his old spot. He also used the time to employ new hitting mechanics.

The Marlins still consider Coghlan an outfielder. To date, he has not worked formally or informally with infield coach Perry Hill. Defensive versatility won't hurt, but for Coghlan to get back to the majors and stay he has to hit.

"I definitely wanted to be able to have that option, show people I could still play [second]," said Coghlan, who went 2 for 4 in Saturday's 8-8, nine-inning tie with the Mets. "It's just a matter of practicing. I feel like I can do it. ... I just want to be in the lineup every day. It doesn't matter what position."