Phyllis from Mulga is an ardent supporter of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. ESPN’s Colin Cowherd is a little more rational about Alabama’s current spot in the current college football landscape.  

Hearing Cowherd comment that Alabama’s reign of dominance is over combined with Bama’s loss to Ole Miss, was too much for super fan Phyllis to handle. She called into Paul Finebaum’s show and attempted to lay waste to Colin ‘Cowturd.’  

I appreciate her effort and major fan points for anyone that bat-shit bonkers about college sports. She loses creative points for overusing the 'Cowturd' nickname but sticks the landing with Roll Tide as she metaphorically walks off stage to thunderous applause.  It doesn't appear that she’s trying to be funny or witty, just filled with a poisonous rage that needed to be let out.   

I've never listened to Paul Finebaum's radio show and admittedly avoid him when he appears on other shows but its a safe bet this was worthy of 'Call of the Day'. 

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