Add Toronto Star writer Richard Griffin to the list of people not pulling punches this weekend. In a column looking at the Rangers-Blue Jays brawl, including Rougned Odor's movie-like punch of Jose Bautista, Griffin calls Rangers pitcher Matt Bush an "idiot" and Odor a "punk."
And that's just the first two sentences.

Griffin's third sentence? "Jose Bautista is an old-school baller that plays the game right."
Before you roll your eyes too hard, here's what Griffin is getting at. He argues that the "political correctness" of MLB's new rules on hard slides can leave middle infielders feeling attacked when a runner comes in too hard. And he says the rule takes out the eye-for-an-eye exchange of past years.
In Griffin's view, Bautista was getting old-school vengeance for Bush plunking him earlier in the inning.
"He was making a point in the old-school, traditional baseball manner, without intent to injure but in response to being hit on purpose," Griffin writes. "Bautista knew the automatic call was coming — but not the sucker-punch right hand from Odor."