With the Kyle Lohse mystery still unsolved, people are left to debate the pitcher's state of mind.

Two major-league sources told me Sunday that the free-agent right-hander is getting “antsy.”

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“Why wouldn’t he be?” one friend of Lohse’s said.

But after I posted the original version of this column, former major-league pitcher and ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Mark Mulder tweeted, “I think @Ken_Rosenthal got some bad info from a ‘close’ friend of Lohse. He is anything but ‘antsy’ right now. #howwouldIknow.”

Mulder might know because he and Lohse were teammates with the Cardinals in 2008. But Mulder did not say whether Lohse is “anything but antsy” because he is close to signing with a club, or because he is content to remain on the open market.

In any case, Opening Day is two weeks from Monday. Lohse, 34, is still not in a major-league camp. And his previous team, the St. Louis Cardinals, might be getting antsy, even if Lohse is not.

The Cardinals made Lohse a one-year, $13.3 million qualifying offer to ensure that they received draft-pick compensation once he signed with another club.

That compensation, however, will disappear if Lohse waits until after the draft - which takes place from June 6 to 8 - to reach agreement with his next team.

Lohse’s agent, Scott Boras, has downplayed that possibility, saying that he is talking with clubs that are interested in his client. But Lohse has been a free agent for 4½ months. And the draft is only about 2½ months away.