the salary-cap figure receives intense scrutiny. There is the actual number on the report and then there is the realistic number that teams have budgeted.

As of Friday night, there was one report that the Bengals had $41.8 million in cap room. That did not include the re-signings of punter Kevin Huber, long snapper Clark Harris and running back Cedric Peerman. Factor in those moves and it is more around $38.3 million.

Now, let’s discuss the realistic number.

The team carried over $10 million in unused cap space from last season. Barring anything unforeseen, it will carry over the same amount into next year’s offseason, which marks the first time they can renegotiate the contracts of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. If you want to nickname the $10 million “The Andy and A.J. Fund,” that would be appropriate.