Great players never make it free agency. Good players often do. The good players tend to carry with them enough baggage that at some point their previous teams said it’s simply not worth it. That baggage can be attitude, monetary demands, or even little known injury concerns. Baggage nonetheless.
This off-season the Miami Dolphins sit with the third most cap space to spend and a public vote referendum that needs to pass. Put two and two together and you would think that big name players should be on the Dolphins radar. That simply will not be the case.
The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl this past year and I would argue what top of the class free agent was brought in to put them over the top? The Patriots? Same thing. 49′ers? Yep. These teams cull from the draft and supplement with the market. Now before you start going all debate team on me, I fully realize that the Dolphins, unlike those teams just mentioned, have not hit enough in the draft to look away from free agency. The Dolphins need playmakers and they need them sooner rather than later.