With Jimmer Fredette listed at 6-foot-2, it's not unusual when he finds himself being defended by a player who has a height advantage.It's something the Kings rookie guard had better get used to.Fredette found himself defended by Matt Barnes (6-7) and Nicolas Batum (6-8) for stretches in his first two NBA games. It's a way teams will look to discourage Fredette from hurting them with his long-range shooting."I don't think it's anything that anyone's doing to him that he hasn't seen before," Kings coach Paul Westphal said.The Kings coaching staff has encouraged Fredette to be more aggressive. Fredette said bigger defenders haven't forced him not to shoot and that he has the "green light."Fredette encountered the big-defender tactic often in college as a prolific scorer at BYU, noting that conference rival San Diego State used 6-8 Billy White or 6-7 Kawhi Leonard (now a rookie for San Antonio) to cover him.