In something that we've all sort of expected for quite a while, Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier told reporters that the job of being the backup quarterback to Christian Ponder is not going to be handed to incumbent Joe Webb in 2013. Frazier fielded some questions about the position in his Friday press conference.

How important is it organizationally to make clear your direction at (the quarterback) position?

Not only organizationally, but for our team. Our guys need to know who's the starting quarterback and how confident myself and the rest of the coaches are and kind of create some clarity for our football team as we are giving them direction about where we want to go and what we want to achieve. So, it's important to have that position solidified more so than any position as you are setting your goals for that next season. I think we're solid at the starting quarterback position and maybe do some things to make sure we're solid at the backup position. But as long as Christian keeps improving, we feel like we've got what we need to bring a quarterback to Minnesota.