Every coach is a little different. That's why coaching changes happen. A coach may approach a situation differently or approach recruiting with a different pitch to a prospect.

If there is one constant for any coach in the business though, it's that none of them like to have their time wasted. Time is the enemy between games and it's the enemy as the season approaches. From media sessions to recruiting to preparation there is never enough of it to go around.

But while time is your enemy as a coach, it's also a great asset.
When Bill O'Brien was hired on Jan. 6 of 2012 he was only partially on the job. With a Super Bowl yet to be played, O'Brien had half his head in New England and half his head in State College. There is little doubt he got things done at his new job, but he was still committed to his old one as well. It wasn't until Feb. 6 that the Patriots' season ended and O'Brien could begin really focusing on Penn State.

This time around, Penn State's new head coach doesn't have a Super Bowl to worry about. He actually has a head start on O'Brien.
James Franklin was hired and introduced on Jan. 12, five days later than O'Brien was in the calender year. Both coaches had their staff hired within days --O'Brien's six days later, Franklin's not yet announced but active within same span-- and both got down to work shortly after their hiring.