After the Pacers shootaround on Monday, Frank Vogel revealed how inspired he was by the Seattle Seahawks' impressive performance while winning the Super Bowl. Prior to the game, Vogel brought up the Seahawks again in the context of finding ways to improve the offense throughout the playing rotation.

"We saw the Seattle Seahawks win the championship last night with a dominant defense but only turning the ball over ZERO times," Vogel said. "You don't have to be the highest octane offense in the NBA but you can't beat yourself."

Upon closer inspection, the Pacers do bear a striking resemblance as the NBA equivalent of the Seahawks.

Like the Seahawks, the Pacers have the league's best defense and just enough offense to overwhelm any opponent when they have it going at both ends.

Also like the Seahawks, the Pacers have and abundance of chips on their respective shoulders which they use collectively as fuel to also strengthen their bond with one another.

So, not only do the 'Hawks play ridiculous defense but they do so with a large percentage of players who were selected after the first two rounds for the NFL draft, including some who were not even drafted. The NBA and NFL drafts and roster machinations aren't comparable, but the ability to feel slighted by those who judge talent does compare favorably. Here's a quick look at how several Pacers may have used doubts cast by others to push them to improve and coalesce as a unit with plenty of dog in them to grind out wins in a variety of ways.