Team Venezuela’s visit for an exhibition with the Mets on Wednesday brought a flurry of activity, with Francisco Rodriguez making an impassioned plea to return, Johan Santana watching his countrymen play together and the death of president Hugo Chavez hovering over it all.

Rodriguez, who remains a free agent, wants to re-sign with the Mets, his team from 2009 until the July 2011 trade that sent him to Milwaukee. K-Rod’s time in New York included a 2010 arrest for assault after punching his then-girlfriend’s father in the family lounge at Citi Field.

“Definitely,” Rodriguez said about his desire to return to the Mets, adding that he would not demand to be the closer. “I would love to. To think about once again to be able to come back and redeem myself, that would be great. I have to be real blind not to see that I failed when I was there. That’s not even a question. Definitely, to be able to get one more shot, and to go back and get it done, that would be great.”

Rodriguez said his agent, Scott Boras, had spoken to the Mets in November and December, but not since. The Mets have not ruled out signing Rodriguez, but do not appear in a hurry to do so, either.

Rodriguez also chatted with his friend and countryman Johan Santana, who initially said he wanted to play in the World Baseball Classic. The Mets asked him not to, and a week later ignited an unrelated drama by saying that he did not arrive in Port St. Lucie in pitching shape.