Gerry Fraley joined Norm Hitzges on KTCK-1310 AM on Wednesday. Here are some highlights.

Let's say the Rangers deal for Heath Bell. Do they hand him the closing job immediately?

Gerry Fraley: No. Let's just say they get him. The first week to 10 days, he pitches the eighth inning, which he insists he will. By all accounts, Heath Bell is a tremendous teammate. Really wants to win; he's tired of losing. But I think after about 10 days, Ron Washington can say, 'Look, Heath Bell is outpitching Neftali Feliz,' which I think would be the case. 'We're going to do what's best (for the team) not just for the one person and make a move then.' But I don't think they would do it immediately.

How significant are your questions starting to become about Neftali Feliz?

Gerry Fraley: If I'm the Rangers, they're huge. Look at last night. I think he faced six hitters. He did not get a strikeout. You have to miss bats as a closer. You have to strike people out. I don't see a strikeout pitcher in Feliz this year. Last year, he was 97 with movement. This year, he's sometimes 92-93 and with not a lot of movement. I can't speak for the man; I don't know if he's hurt. He's not the same pitcher this year; he's not blowing away hitters. He's having trouble with left-handed hitters. He's not going inside on them. I think he's a real, real concern for this team right now.