Astros center fielder Dexter Fowler was released from Houston Methodist hospital on Saturday, manager Bo Porter said after a 5-1 loss to the Angels. The Astros’ hottest hitter was admitted to the hospital on Friday with viral gastroenteritis.

Fowler is expected to be at the ballpark on Sunday, although it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to play immediately. He was treated with an IV at the hospital.

“I’ll talk to him on my way home tonight, see how he’s feeling and we look forward to getting him back (in the park) tomorrow,” Porter said.

Porter visited Fowler late Friday night, after the Astros lost to the Angels.

“Obviously, he was down,” Porter said. “He wants to be here with his teammates.”

Porter said Fowler sent him a text message that read: “Get me out of here.”

“He’s much better than he was yesterday,” Porter said Saturday afternoon. “Obviously being in the hospital and them being able to give him the treatment to get this, the virus, out of his stomach, we’ll see how he recovers and see if he shows up tomorrow and (if) he’s ready to go whenever the doctor says he’s ready.”

Astros catcher Jason Castro, meanwhile, is expected back in the lineup Sunday.