Julius Nyang'oro, the former UNC professor at the center of the academic fraud case that's been exposed for three years at the school, got a win on Thursday.

Nyang'oro was facing a felony charge of "obtaining property by false pretenses" from the state, but that charge was dismissed, according to multiple reports. Orange County DA Jim Woodall released the verdict, giving Nyang'oro relief from any local prosecution. Nyang'oro reportedly has been helping authorities in other investigations; this involvement reportedly led to his release from prosecution in his primary case.

His reputation remains stained, however. Nyang'oro, who resigned from UNC in 2011, is tied to phony courses and grades in the Afro and African-American (AFAM) Studies department at UNC. Many former football and basketball players took supposed no-show classes. Nyang'oro was the head of AFAM department for almost a decade and a half. Reports and allegations have shown Nyang'oro was party to nefarious grade-giving, and emails uncovered have shown he was a beneficiary to perks at UNC athletic events, like watching football games from the sideline.