Consider Lance Moore in disagreement with with the NFL arbitrator's ruling in the Jimmy Graham case. As the former New Orleans Saints receiver said on Twitter: "Just ... PAY THE MAN!!!"

Moore said that if being positioned within the four-yard slot outside either offensive tackle is what constitutes being a tight end -- which was part of the arbitrator's ruling released Wednesday -- then he and former teammate Marques Colston "played a lot of TE last (year) too!" he said on Twitter.

Moore, now with the Pittsburgh Steelers, continued: "The nfl wins again. Smh!!!"

In another Tweet, Moore said, "The CBA clearly states that a player is to be franchised at the position at which he lines up at the most in the previous season!"

A portion of that depends on how the position is defined. An play-by-play analysis by our Larry Holder last month determined Graham was a tight end. And, by another measure, the arbitrator reached the same conclusion.

Next for Graham will be a possible appeal. And continued debate, for sure.