Jason Hanson is happy with his decision to retire, but he’s still adjusting to life without football.

“Retirement’s bittersweet right now,” he said at the Kevin VanDam Charity Classic fishing tournament Monday. “I’m at the phase where it’s like, ‘Really? I’m done?’ ”

Hanson, who spent the past 21 years as the Lions’ kicker, announced his retirement in March and will join the Lions Ring of Honor this season. A couple of months into the next chapter of his life, Hanson joked that retirement is “boring,” but said it’s nice to be away from the stress of the demanding NFL lifestyle.

“Just doing family life has been good,” he said. “I hope my wife would say I’m in a better mood on a weekly basis, but really for me at this point, it hasn’t been too strange yet.”

The big test, Hanson said, will be when training camp and the season rolls around and how he handles not being on the field.

But Hanson’s heel injury, one reason the 42-year-old retired, has been a consistent reminder of why he left the game.

“It still bugs me, and actually I get really excited when it bugs me,” he said. “And then the days when I’ll work out and I feel good, that’s when I swing like, ‘What’d I do?’

“But it just isn’t right. … I’ve retired. I don’t have any plans of coming back.”

Hanson’s retirement doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving the Lions forever, though. He plans to visit for a practice soon and see new kickers David Akers and Havard Rugland.

“I know David Akers from playing, but I don’t know anything about the young Norwegian guy,” Hanson said. “I’ve heard (Rugland) is doing a good job adjusting to just kicking and not doing all the different kicks. He’s got talent, and Akers being a veteran and a lefty with him, they’re going to coach him up just great so there’s no need for me to hang around.

“If they had a couple of young guys, then (I might) come down and help.”

Lions coach Jim Schwartz said it was good to see Hanson, Jeff Backus and other former Lions at the event Monday and thinks offseason happenings can be a good time to check in with former teammates.