As general manager, Mike Tannenbaum found comfort in the snappy phrases he could lean on to portray his positive attitude and work environment.

Every decision was a "Jet decision." He is, and always will be, an "eternal optimist." During his tenure, everything was done "the right way."

However, after he was let go at the end of the season, his time with the Jets was painted in a less benevolent light — a troika of decisions that will, fairly or unfairly, follow him for a while.

The Jets' cap situation is considered a mess by rival executives. The guaranteed money and extension he gave to Mark Sanchez is viewed as a move that has boxed the team into a corner with the struggling quarterback. The trade for backup quarterback Tim Tebow was widely viewed as a public-relations disaster that ended up frustrating some players and coaches.

Tuesday, on Super Bowl Radio Row in New Orleans, Tannenbaum finally broke his silence after nearly a month removed from the organization to discuss some of those perceived shortcomings. He is still an optimist, calling himself a "free agent" and the "general manager of the house." He said he has entertained a few job opportunities he wouldn't discuss.