Much like Brandon Jennings did just over a week ago Monta Ellis sat at his introductory press conference and blamed everybody else for his shortcomings with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Making excuses is one of the easiest things to do when expectations aren't met. It's a cop out but it convinces enough people to move on. Right after Jennings pointed his finger at his teammates to explain why he couldn't succeed in Milwaukee Ellis did the same thing Friday at his introductory press conference in Dallas.

"I don't really have to shoot the ball as much on this team" Ellis said. "The previous team I been on like I said once before I had to do 60 percent of the work no matter what the situation is. I think with this team here I don't have to do as much or take as many shots because sometimes they're going to stop me and Dirk (Nowitzki) is going to be open Jose (Calderon) Devin (Harris) the list goes on and on.

"So I don't think I have to do as much as I had to do in the previous years. That's going to get me back to being efficient that's going to get me back to being more consistent and it's going to get me back to playing Monta basketball."

Monta basketball is inefficient. We're supposed to believe he's going to change? This is the same tune Jennings was humming when he was introduced in Detroit. Because the talent around him is better he's suddenly going to shoot better and completely change his game.

Don't players like Ellis and Jennings want to be "the man?" In no way am I comparing Ellis to LeBron or Kobe but players like those make teammates better. Milwaukee's former dynamic duo are each good players but not franchise players. Both think they are or at least thought they were with the Bucks. If you want the glory when things go well then take the blame when things don't work out. Neither of them are.