Former Browns CEO Joe Banner, who was originally set to remain with the team until May, is no longer working for the club.

Banner had been coming in at least once a week since he was let go by owner Jimmy Haslam on Feb. 11, but stopped in a few days ago for the last time.

“He’s transitioned and he’s looking forward to what he does next,” Browns President Alec Scheiner told 92.3 The Fan's Bull and Fox Tuesday. “In the building, we’re working with our group now.”

Banner told Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that he might not want to return to football, and hasn't thought yet about what he'd like to do next. A source said he's had several NFL opportunities since he was let go, and there have been whispers he might have a chance to join the NFL office.

"My plan at this point is to take an extended period of time," Banner told McLane, "to step back and reevaluate the time I've been in the league and where I am in my life and then make a decision as to whether my future would include the NFL or not."

Banner, who was blindsided by Haslam's decision to let him go, told the Inquirer that he was proud of his hires, which include coach Mike Pettine, President Alec Scheiner, GM Ray Farmer and Executive Vice President Sashi Brown. He also cited the youth of the roster, the 10 draft picks the Browns have this season and more than $50 million in cap space.

Scheiner said he couldn't have imagined the sweeping changes made by Haslam.

“It’s been an incredible year but these are the years where you learn more than any other years,'' he said. "I had nine years in Dallas and as you guys know there’s not a lot of change in that organization at the top but I’ve learned a lot here. Because I’m in the building I can’t say I’m totally surprised. Jimmy made a decision consistent with how other NFL teams are run.