If you are going to label David Terrell a draft bust for the Chicago Bears, at least give the man the opportunity to speak his mind on the subject.

Terrell disputes the notion, as you might imagine. The eighth overall pick in 2001 by the Bears, Terrell spent four seasons with the organization. He never really panned out and Terrell links that to the constantly changing quarterback situation the Bears had.

“My opinion? I don’t have an opinion. I just have facts, you know?” Terrell told the Red Eye in Chicago after being labeled a draft bust. “Factually, my first year with the Bears--my first and my last year--those were like my best years here. My first year was the best team I ever played on besides my Michigan teams, you see what I’m saying. But my first year we was one game from the Super Bowl, and I think I was a big, big piece in a lot of those wins. I think I may have won four, five games for my team. I mean, hey, maybe I didn’t win ‘em all by myself, but I sure played a big part. The next year I went to Bourbonnais and I kicked the season off with what? Like four touchdowns in three games?