Even Timberwolves forward Kevin Love's teammates have grown so accustomed to his nightly statistical accomplishments more befitting a video game that even they don't know when he has had another 36-point, 17-rebound night like he did in Monday's 97-93 victory at Golden State.

"I didn't even realize he had that either until I looked up with 10, 15 seconds to go and saw his stats," forward Anthony Tolliver said. "You know, just a normal night for him, I swear. He just puts up crazy numbers."

Crazy enough that Love's performance Monday was his eighth game with at least 30 points and 15 rebounds this season while the rest of the NBA has done that only six times combined.

"Sounds about right," Tolliver said. "Seems like every other game he's getting 30 and 15 or something close to it."