Fact or fiction? LSU has had more defensive backs taken in the last 10 NFL drafts than any other college team.

That's a fact. The Tigers have had 15 DBs drafted in that time period, including four first-rounders.

Fact or fiction? Along with Ohio State, LSU has had more wide receivers chosen in the last NFL 10 drafts than any other school.

That's a fact. The Tigers and Buckeyes have had 10 wide receiver selections each, including three first-rounders for LSU. It's an amazing accomplishment, considering the Tigers' passing game has rarely been viewed as anything resembling dangerous.

Fact or fiction? LSU is one of six schools with the second-most quarterbacks picked in the last 10 NFL drafts.

A mind-boggling fact. USC leads the way with four, but LSU's three selections (JaMarcus Russell No. 1 overall in 2007, Matt Flynn in round 7 in 2008, Zach Mettenberger in round 6 in 2014) ties Arkansas, Florida State, Michigan State, Stanford and Texas A&M.