Patriots fans — blindsided by the news that Lord-praising but oft-failing quarterback Tim Tebow and the media frenzy he wears like a cloak are coming to Foxboro — put their faith in the mystic wisdom of Bill Belichick to justify the unorthodox preseason acquisition.

“I’m not the expert. In Bill we trust,” said Mike Schuster of Foxboro, the Pats’ 1999 Fan of the Year — who admitted he’s no Tebow believer.

A source told the Herald yesterday that the Pats have agreed to undisclosed contract terms with Tebow, whose on-field praying and openness about his devout Christianity made a media splash two years ago when he led the struggling Denver Broncos to a series of dramatic wins and an upset playoff triumph over the Pittsburgh Steelers. His playing time plummeted last year as a second-stringer for the New York Jets, whose fans and even coaches argued bitterly over coach Rex Ryan’s reluctance to start him.

He had fans across the nation imitating his trademark genuflection of victory — a kneeling stance with forehead to fist dubbed “tebowing.”

“They’re going to have to squash it,” 2009 Patriots Fan of the Year Christine Brennan said of Tebow’s outspoken and polarizing devotion. “It’s going to be, ‘We’re not talking about that.’ He’s going to be coached, and he’s going to become a disciple. He is a good disciple, so we know he’ll listen.”

How well Patriots fans receive him — if he makes the cut at camp — all depends on how the Patriots control Tebow’s image and interview time, said Henry Schafer, whose Q Scores Co. tracks the star power, notoriety and likability of pro athletes and other celebs.

“If the Patriots can market him based on his work ethic, his team perspective — it’s always ‘team first, me second’ — I think that’s the positive approach you can take with him, in terms of the spirit he brings and the morale he brings. I don’t think he’s going to be put in any kind of quarterback controversy with Tom Brady here. It’s a matter of how the Patriots spin his addition to the team.”

Which may make the historically buttoned-down Patriots, who in recent years tamed Chad Johnson and turned the reviled Randy Moss into a fan favorite — the perfect team for Tebow.