News and views as the Red Wings head West:

News: This week's games in Los Angeles and San Jose are the first of five cross-country trips the next eight weeks. Detroit has played 12 home games, seven road.

Views: Most Western Conference teams — Los Angeles, San Jose, Edmonton, Calgary, Phoenix and Colorado — are in the same boat as Detroit.

Still, it'll be interesting to see how the wear and tear of this travel affects the Red Wings.

One thing coach Mike Babcock does so well is judging when to cut a practice short or schedule a day off to keep his team fresh.

News: In the latest realignment speculation, Detroit will be placed in an East with Original Six rivals Montreal, Boston and Toronto.

Views: It doesn't need to be said again how crazy it is for Detroit to be in the West and play many teams two and three time zones away.

For fans, the opportunity to watch more games that start between 7-8 p.m. can only increase excitement.