Before you start comparing Timberwolves forward Kevin Love to Boston's Kevin Garnett, just remember this:

"I have an All-Star jersey of his and also a Timberwolves," Love said. "I was a jersey owner of Garnett back in the day. Him and Tim Duncan and [Chris] Webber. Those were the type of guys I looked up to when I was very young, guys still in this league that I'm fortunate enough now to play against. It's a fun thing. That was my past, and now I have to play against him."

Some already consider Love superior to Garnett when both were at the same stage of their careers because of the mind-boggling statistics Love has been accumulating, particularly in the month of March.

But numbers are just numbers and none of them quantify the kind of unique defensive player Garnett has been throughout his career, a presence he displayed Friday often matched up against Love in Boston's 100-79 victory.

"It's fair because they're both named Kevin and they both played in Minnesota," Boston coach Doc Rivers said. "They're different players, completely different players. I think people should just celebrate the two. I don't think you need to tear one down to build the other up, or vice versa. Why not just celebrate? We've had two pretty good Kevins. That's a pretty good thing."