While the White Sox would like to forget September, teammates will forgive John Danks for reminiscing about one fine day that fateful month.
Shopping for the Sept. 10 birthday of fiancee Ashley Monroe, a rising country-music star, Danks created the personal highlight of his summer with a smooth delivery. At the instruction of a friend, Danks tracked down a vintage Hummingbird guitar Monroe once mentioned from the Chicago Music Exchange that instantly became her favorite instrument.

"I got lucky finding it,'' Danks recalled Wednesday with a smile.

Paying attention to little things brought big satisfaction.
Those have become words to live by every long, detailed day at Camelback Ranch for the injured Sox left-hander as he continues successful recovery from Aug. 6 shoulder surgery.
Every day features a meticulous plan built around the expectation Danks makes the opening-day roster. Every bullpen session includes more focus than when Danks was a healthy young Texan rearing back and firing. Every meeting with pitching coach Don Cooper suddenly resembles an attentive classroom, such as Wednesday when the two studied video for 30 minutes focusing on Danks' mechanics and his cutter.
Every thrower inevitably becomes more of a pitcher after major surgery, right, Jake Peavy?
"It's going to take him time to figure out how to do certain things again,'' said Peavy, who successfully returned from latissimus dorsi surgery in July 2010. "When you do an act and the last time you did that act you feel something went wrong, it takes awhile before you get to point you do the exact same act without worrying. I think Johnny's past that hurdle. Now it's him getting a feel back and understanding his body has changed.''
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