First off new Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn doesn’t read the newspapers or watch too much TV.
“As a football player whether it’s good or bad out there it’s probably best not to read it” said Flynn who makes his preseason debut with Oakland Friday against Dallas.

But … it’s impossible to tune it out when former Eagles quarterback and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski is in the country’s living room saying you are the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.
“My buddies started ragging on me about it” Flynn said smiling. “It came up every time I hung out with friends for about a month … It is what it is. People have their opinions I get that. People have questions …
“But I am not going to go out there and try and prove people wrong. I am going to go out and play the best I can.”
It’s ironic that Flynn is widely panned since he threw for 731 yards and nine touchdowns in his two career starts (over four years) with the Packers. But last season he signed a big contract with the Seahawks to be their starter only to get beat out by rookie Russell Wilson.

Now he is with the Raiders acquired after the rebuilding team was able to unload Carson Palmer’s contract on the Cardinals. Flynn doesn’t have Palmer’s arm and that’s just fine with coach Dennis Allen.