Flyers winger Jake Voracek reportedly totaled his Ferrari in an accident Wednesday morning near his hometown of Klando, Czech Republic.

Despite how bad the accident looks, there were no injuries according to a story posted on, the same site that posted the pictures below.

The good folks over at The700Level also provided a Google translation of the story, although it's very rough:

Twenty-three winger, who defends the colors NHL Philadelphia was driving too fast for a truck. The driver then started to turn left and therefore slowed down. Voráček did not manage to stop in time and crashed into the left side of the truck.

The accident occurred at 11:30 am on the road to the town of Kladno Braškov. During the accident no one was injured, alcohol was similar for both drivers on the spot expelled breath test,” she said in an interview Kladno police spokeswoman Michaela Novakova, which then outlining the amount of damages.