Dead last in the Atlantic Division, 13th place in the Eastern Conference and with a 2-5 record, the Flyers are far from happy with the way the season has gone for them so far.

That said, they have a pretty good idea of how to turn things around.

"Nobody's happy," coach Peter Laviolette said. "It's not where we want to be. There's only one way to fix it, and that's to come in and practice hard and approach [Friday's game in Washington] with a positive attitude – that we're going to get on a train, get into a different city and take two points home with us. That's where we're at."

And on Wednesday at Skate Zone, "practice hard" is exactly what they did. Instead of the scheduled day off they were slated for, the Flyers spent an hour working solely on special teams, the area of their game that has arguably struggled the most.

The Flyers are 5-for-37 on the power play this season – a 13.5 percent rate of effectiveness – good enough to put them at 23rd in the league. Their penalty kill, with its 67.7 percent success rate, is better than only the Anaheim Ducks'.

"Obviously we're disappointed, but I don't think we're discouraged," Danny Briere said. "We're feeling that we're not very far away. If we keep playing with the same intensity that we did for most of the game [Tuesday], we'll be in good shape. We played a very good opponent yesterday, they got the breaks, but we're not that far off. We're right there."

They might not be discouraged, but there is a general feeling of frustration amongst most of the Flyers. The chances are there, but pucks just aren't hitting the back of the net. Even Scott Hartnell, who stopped by to visit his teammates Wednesday afternoon, could sense it (see story).

That frustration has been amplified, Wayne Simmonds said, because goalie Ilya Bryzgalov has played so well.