Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson will not play in tonight’s pivotal game against the Boston Bruins.

Karlsson suffered a foot injury in Tuesday’s 2-0 win over the Detroit Red Wings and didn’t travel to Boston with the team.

The Senators magic number to reach the playoffs is one. If the Senators pick up at least one point against the Bruins, they’re in. They can also qualify if Tampa Bay loses to The Toronto Maple Leafs and if the New York Islanders lose to the Carolina Hurricanes.

“Anybody losing their top player, it’s obviously a gigantic hole,” said Senators coach Guy Boucher. “But we’ve had games without Erik (before). We were playing it tight and we have to play the same way. We don’t have the same breakout abilities. We don’t have the same taking the rush abilities, the transition into the offensive zone and all that…the power play…but I think as a team, our game won’t change. We’re playing the same way. We’re expecting our players to buy in.”

Boucher called the Karlsson injury “day to day”.