Although Peter Laviolette down played the importance of reaching .500 and instead stressed the need to play much better than an average team, there is no escaping the simple truth the Flyers can’t be anything more than just an average team without topping the . 500 mark.

So, for the seventh time this season, the Flyers must try to even their record today for the first time before dreaming of being anything more than just another team.

The Flyers (10-11-1) play the Senators at noon at the Wells Fargo Center in this quixotic quest to final reach the elusive .500 mark. But, more than reaching level ground, the Flyers know they need to starting stringing together wins to reach their postseason goals.

Laviolette understands this better than anyone, which is why the Flyers coach sounded justifiably frustrated with the start when he said “.500 isn’t going to do anything for us” following a full practice Friday at the Skate Zone.

“If we finish .500, we are going to look back at this year saying what a mess,” Laviolette continued. “We need to win hockey games and get way above .500 if we are going to have the opportunity to play for the Cup.

“We are going to continue to chip away at things and move in the right direction and try to put wins in the column.”

Indeed, the Flyers need to play consistent hockey instead of just showing flashes of being a Stanley Cup contender. They need to start against Ottawa.